Things to do in Gent, Belgium with Kids

The Square.Gent is a website for expats in Gent, Belgium. I recently started volunteering with them as a guest author. My first experience writing with them was to create this series of three articles:

Things to Do in Gent with Kids (Part 1)includes information on sports and recreation, as well as meeting other families.

Things to Do in Gent with Kids (Part 2)discusses museums and the Arts.

Things to Do in Gent with Kids (Part 3)” shares ways to explore the city, visit historical sites, and stay informed about current events.

This was a topic I had hoped to write about on RB Abroad, but I thought that to do it for The Square.Gent was an even better opportunity because it should reach more readers there.

There are many ways to experience and enjoy our great city with children. I hope that visitors, newcomers to Gent, and maybe even Gent natives find these articles useful!

2016 Feest in ‘t Kasteel, Gravensteen Castle. Gent, Belgium.


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