More from Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh had so many interesting scenes to photograph. I had a lot of fun capturing things I was seeing on the streets. I took so many, I had a hard time selecting what pictures to include in my initial post about our visit. Here’s a collection of photos I took that didn’t make it into that post. I loved them enough, I wanted to share.

Bagpiper in Edinburgh
A bagpiper performing on The Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Scottish Hiker
A perfectly Scottish hiker and his companion at Arthur’s Seat.
A proverb found on a building on The Royal Mile.
Whitefoord House
A house along The Royal Mile. I was drawn to the colors of the linens hanging on the back patio.
Tolbooth Tavern
Tolbooth Tavern on The Royal Mile.
Dusk at Edinburgh
Street scene in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was initially drawn to the colored light coming from the windows. I didn’t even notice the people sitting out on the stoop below. The more I look at this photo, the more I like it.
Window Lights
Dusk in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is a cropped version of the photo above. I wanted to focus on the colored light shining out of the window.
Edinburgh Street
A street in Edinburgh. I’m learning more about my camera settings and how to capture night scenes. I played with my camera a lot to get this one and I’m pretty pleased with it.
A street in Edinburgh.
A street in Edinburgh. Another version of the scene above. I told you I played with the camera a lot here! I just loved the old building on the left with the beautiful windows and architectural details. There it stands elegantly, with busy modern life rushing by on the street in front of it.
Different signs in Edinburgh. There were signs everywhere of varying age. I loved to see the overlap of history.
A cool little close in Edinburgh.
We are often reminded of home while on our travels!

I’ve been having fun experimenting more with my photography and photo editing. Constructive criticism is welcome, but please be kind. I am a self-taught amateur who is just trying to have fun!

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  1. That last one made me snort!

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