On the Road in Romania

We visited three cities in Romania (Sibiu, Brasov, and Bucharest), driving between them all with a rental car. I took a lot of pictures on the road that didn’t quite fit into my blog posts about the cities, so here is a post of just pictures of things I saw while driving through Romania. (Some are included in the other posts because I liked them enough to share them twice.)

Romanian road vendor
A roadside vendor selling cheese in Romania.
Romanian horse cart
We passed many farmers driving horse carts on the road and in their fields.
Romanian horse cart
A load of lumber being pulled by a horse drawn cart in Romania.
Romanian horse cart
The only cargo on this trip was the people.
Romanian Sheep
One of many herds of sheep we passed in Romania, never fenced in, always being shepherded by men and dogs.
Romanian sheep
One of many herds of sheep we passed in Romania, never fenced in, always being shepherded by men and dogs.
Romanian field
A village near Bran, Romania. Horses, cows, and sheep shared the land. In this area they did not appear to be fenced in, although some of the horses were ground tied.
Romanian cows
Cows roaming freely in a village in Transylvania.
Romanian cow
A cow stopping to smell (eat?) the roses in Transylvania.
Romania road
One of many small villages we drove through in Transylvania.
Romanian roses
The road through this town in Transylvania was lined with roses.
Man and bike Romania
A busy road passing through a small town in Romania.
Romanian bus
On the way to Bucharest.

6 thoughts on “On the Road in Romania

  1. How is it to drive in Romania? Big difference compared to other countries you have been to? 🙂


    1. Not very different, actually! It was pretty much like driving anywhere else in Europe. The roads were all in pretty good condition. In a few places we encountered roadworks. To me, that signals that someone is worried about their improvements!
      The only difference I can think of is seeing the horse carts on the main roads, and lots of stray animals.
      One thing that seems to be the same everywhere – it’s hard to find parking in the cities!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! Have you got the leading line photo element down or what? These are so good!


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