You Tube Channel

One of the assignments for my postgraduate in digital storytelling program was to create a YouTube Channel. The assignment required the complete conceptualization and creation of a channel, including branding, strategy, graphic design, and video production.

I chose to create a channel that matched the brand of this blog and that provides complimentary content about travel and expat life. The link to the full channel is here and I will embed individual videos below.


If I’m being honest, I don’t intend to keep the YouTube channel going. I have zero intentions of becoming a YouTuber and I find looking at myself cringe-worthy. However, I completed the assignment faithfully and dutifully because it was good experience and I learned from it (branding, YouTube strategy, graphic design, video filming and editing, etc.)

I have chosen to leave the channel up and live so that I can share the work in my portfolio. I do want future, potential employers and clients to know that I have the skills to create both strategy and content for YouTube channels.

Enjoy the videos!

2 thoughts on “You Tube Channel

  1. This is absolutely wonderful Rebecca. You are accomplished in so many area—this one shines! We look forward to seeing more from you. Cary and Janet Brick, Sugar Land Texas USA


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