Internship Output – Video Production

My postgraduate program in Digital Storytelling had an internship requirement (150 hours/4 weeks). I did my internship with Flanders Today, the leading English-language online news source for the Flemish region of Belgium.

My internship responsibilities were to create videos that complimented news articles. I was responsible for the complete production of the videos, including traveling with reporters, conducting interviews, filming, conceptualizing, creating, and editing. The editor-in-chief provided guidance on story and text.

For each video I created two versions, one formatted for Facebook feeds and for embedding in the online article, and one formatted for Instagram feeds.

*Content update, 2021: The Flemish government ceased funding Flanders Today at the end of 2020, so some of the links posted below no longer work as originally posted. Still, I have chosen to keep them here for historical accuracy. I have added archived copies of all the videos using YouTube so that my work can still be viewed.

Here are the final videos:

#1 Bruegel 450

Article (video embedded): All hail the master: Flanders pays tribute to Bruegel

Facebook video post:

Instagram video post:

#2 VUB/ULB Memorandum

Article (video embedded): Universities ask new governments for multi-lingual education

Facebook video post:

Instagram video post:

#3 TruStone Agreement

Article (video embedded): Flanders and ILO work together to end child labour in stone industry

Facebook video post:

Instagram video post:

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