One of the class assignments for my postgraduate in digital storytelling was to work with a group to create a longform web story, also known as a “longread” on a topic of our choosing.

I teamed up with three other international students and we researched and told the story of “integration” in our city. We wanted to explore the concept of what it means to “integrate” as a foreign citizen here, and explore the similarities and differences among unique, individual experiences.

We published our longread using Readymag. You can find it here: https://readymag.com/1392185. 

Please note, Readymag does not optimize content for mobile viewing, so if you are viewing on a mobile device, you will not get the experience as fully intended. It is best viewed via desktop or laptop. As students, we recognized this complication, but were required to use one of two platform options, and despite this issue, Readymag was still the best fit for our content.

Additionally, I tried to embed the whole thing on my site, but unfortunately Readymag and WordPress don’t work together like that. But you can check it out on Readymag using the link above. Enjoy!

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