I am a U.S. citizen who moved to Belgium in January of 2016 as an “accompanying spouse” while my husband completes a three-year work assignment. I’ve started this blog to chronicle our experiences here in Belgium, as expats, and our (hopeful) travels throughout Europe. You can learn more in my introductory post. You can start there, where I started, and follow my posts chronologically, or use the “Categories” and/or “Tags” I’ve chosen to find posts you might enjoy.

*update as of July 2017: I have added a navigation menu that allows you to more easily filter through my posts. You can quickly select travel posts by country, or select personal reflections posts. I hope it makes the site navigation more user-friendly!*

My initials are “RB” and I am living abroad, hence, “RB Abroad”! Away we go!

*All images and content on this blog have been taken and/or written by me, unless otherwise noted. I am happy to share my work with the world. Please see my copyright notice for details and permissions. Thank you for respecting my work!

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