I am an American (VA → TX → NY → NC) who moved to Belgium in January, 2016 as an “accompanying spouse” while my husband completed a 3-1/2-year work assignment. I started this blog as a way for me to creatively document (1) our experiences as expats and (2) our travels throughout Europe. My initials are “RB” and I was living abroad, hence the name, “RB Abroad”.

My introductory post describes my thought process when I started this whole thing. You can start there, where I started, and follow my posts chronologically, OR use the navigation menus at the top of this site to find posts you might enjoy. I’ve categorized them by personal essays, travel diaries by country, etc.

We moved back to North Carolina in July 2019, but I am keeping the blog up for posterity, and to add random posts from time to time, and until I figure out what comes next. Enjoy!

*All images and content on this blog have been taken and/or written by me, unless otherwise noted. I am happy to share my work with the world, but please see my copyright notice for details and permissions. Thank you for respecting my work!

*I work independently. All links are for reference purposes and do not represent affiliations or promotions unless explicitly noted. I do not actively seek affiliations or partnerships but will consider proposals upon request.

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